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Company introduction

    Laizhou new Honda Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is the original Laizhou was established in 1996 Hondar chemical machinery factory in 2007 to upgrade the enterprise, Shandong province is the first chemical machinery of private enterprises, the company set up under the Laizhou city HTC chemical machinery factory, Laizhou new Hondar Institute of chemical machinery, all products of the reactor, kneading machine, mixing machine, mixer etc. through the EU CE certification authority, in 2014 the company was named China ten famous brands, Chinese 100 outstanding enterprises and awarded honorary certificates.

The company is committed to oil, chemicals, coatings, paint, pharmaceutical and other equipment industry research and development, Seiko production, reaction, dispersion, grinding, emulsifying, kneading and other series of hundreds of varieties. The company has professional engineering and technical personnel and experienced production and technical workers, products compact, stable quality, adaptability, can meet the needs of different manufacturers. In addition to the annual production of stereotypes products, and should be the demand, research and development of special equipment, inquiries will be complex! Products sold throughout the country, the world economy has entered the era of globalization, the opportunities and challenges brought to usher in the new century, up to the forefront of the domestic and international competition, the Htc co will continue to carry forward the "realistic and innovative, progressive" spirit, constantly improve the technological content of products and grades, take the customer demand as the starting point, strive for the first-class brand the first-class enterprise, at the lowest price, best quality, dedication to customer service. The company adheres to the "quality of survival, honesty and development, service, efficient" business philosophy, will be happy to provide you with satisfactory products. And expect domestic and foreign merchants and Htc CO to work hand in hand, sincere cooperation, and create a better future. Company tenet: honesty, science and technology leading, quality win. Company commitment: responsible for the user, so that customer satisfaction.

Reactor equipment

The reaction vessel is a container for physical or chemical reaction. Through the design and parameter configuration of the vessel, the heating, evaporation, cooling and low speed mixing function of the process are realized.
Dispersing equipment
The disperser adopts a high speed agitator (such as a disc saw agitator), which can form strong turbulence in the local, and usually has a strong dispersing emulsification effect on the material
Equipment display
Kneader equipment
The kneader is produced by a strong shearing action of a pair of mutually matched and rotating sigma blades, allowing the semi dry or rubbery viscous plastic material to react rapidly to a uniform mixing
Mixer equipment
Mixing machine: ribbon mixer, coulter mixer, screw cone mixer, no gravity mixer, V mixer, high speed liquid mixer, planetary power mixer etc.
Delivery scene
Chemical machinery

Specializing in the production of Huani automatic equipment, this equipment is divided into 3 parts: the 1 part of the synthetic resin part (electric control), the 2 part: the foaming section (PLC control), the 3 part cutting packaging part (plc/ numerical control), the equipment exported to Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Russia, Venezuela, Vietnam at present, Indonesia and other countries, has been put into production, with the intention of friends welcome to discuss cooperation matters
Chemical machinery

Unsaturated resin production of complete sets of equipment consists of reaction kettle, vertical and horizontal fractionating column condenser, a water storage device, oil tank, is the key equipment in the production of unsaturated resin, but also the production of unsaturated polyester resin, the key equipment of phenolic resin, epoxy resin, paint
Service case
Chemical machinery

The conical cylinder adapts to the high requirement of the mixture without residue, and the soft stirring speed can not damage the fragile material, and is used for mixing powder and granular materials in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, food, building materials, etc.
Chemical machinery

The function of new Hongda dispersion machine with a hydraulic lift platform, 360 degree rotation, stepless speed regulation, can also configure the 2-4 container, hydraulic lifting stroke of 1100 mm, 360 degree rotation function can better meet the use of a machine, can in a very short period of time from a cylinder change to another cylinder operation and greatly improves the work efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity
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